Kanye makes some pretty good points… Is the last thing you ever want to hear someone say. No Jew would ever say about an anti-semite: “let’s hear them out, maybe they’re right”.

Of course, Kanye has nothing on the chief Jew hater of the Purim story, the wicked Haman. After all, Haman actually tried to annihilate the Jewish nation, men, women and children, G-d forbid.

So it’s a bit surprising that when Esther heard Hamans’ reasons for disliking Jews, her response was to say “you know what? This man might be right”.

Haman then said to King Ahasuerus, “There is one people, scattered and dispersed among the nations in all the provinces of your realm, whose laws are different from those of any other people and who do not obey the king’s laws; and it is not in Your Majesty’s interest to tolerate them.” (Esther 3:8)

Esther hears from Haman that the Jewish people are “scattered and dispersed”, not united as one people, but with infighting and fragmentation. Not only are they not united, but their disunity is “among the nations”.

There is no such thing as a perfect family. Any two people can find something they disagree about – add to that the complexities and emotions of a family, and it’s safe to assume that not everyone is getting along 100% of the time.

But if they are getting along in public, it can’t be that bad. If they don’t even have that, and everyone knows that this is a family that doesn’t get along with each other, that is much more painful.

In the time of Purim, the Jewish people were disunited “among the nations”. The whole world knew about it! There was no united front of the Jewish people.

So at the pivotal moment in the story, when Esther agrees to risk her life and go talk to the king, she tells Mordechai “Go, assemble all the Jews who live in Shushan, and fast on my behalf”.

Don’t just tell them to fast and pray at home. Gather them all together! Let’s show Haman and G-d that we are a united people, that we are not “scattered and dispersed”.

In her wisdom Esther understood that to save the Jewish People, they must reverse the complaints of Haman. By showing love and care for each other, by behaving as “one people”, by going out of their way to help one another. In that merit the Jews were saved.

The Mitzvot of Purim reflect this as well. Mishloach Manot and Matanot L’evyonim – charity. We give gifts of food to each other and charity to the poor. Because the true celebration of Purim is showing compassion and love for each other.